2019 will be a wild card.

If we stay focused on our long term investment plan, as we should, then 2019 is yet another year to be invested. In the short run, if we consider the year 2019 by itself, it’s scary. We will face the potential for big surprises, lots of volatility, and perhaps financial market declines. It’s also entirely possible that once again, we’ll all muddle by, and 2019 will be very profitable. The reality is that nobody really knows. However, since financial experts are supposed to know, here’s the guesses of one well-respected firm. As good as any, with decent insights. https://www.nuveen.com/bob-doll-weekly-commentary?utm_source=silverpopmailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Nuveen%20weekly%20insights_2019outlook_nuveenknows_activefi%20(2)&spMailingID=14880792&spUserID=MTQ5NDYyMjg4Mjg5S0&spJobID=1560003473&spReportId=MTU2MDAwMzQ3MwS2