IMG_0036 croppedAbout Andresen & Associates:
Creating Wealth for a Lifetime

Pete Andresen founded Andresen & Associates in 1988. An advocate of holistic financial management, Pete’s strategy of creating lifetime wealth in these financially uncertain times embraces diversification and risk management. Pete’s investment philosophy is grounded on the concepts of time, discipline and consistency.



  • TIME means that we are patient, we allow time to work for us, and we maintain a sense of historical perspective. History strongly suggests that if we keep investing in mutual funds, for a long enough period of time, we will make money and we will feel more comfortable with risk as we do so.
  • DISCIPLINE means that we cultivate the long-term perspective necessary to let the program work, and we avoid the emotions that ruin most investors: fear, greed and shame. History shows us that once we have attained the risk level that we desire, it’s often better to sit and endure. Admittedly, talking about this is easy, and living it is more difficult. The goal of discipline is always professional serenity.
  • CONSISTENCY implies that we use time and discipline to avoid radical, emotionally driven moves, and that we pay attention to the basics and resist the frenzies of the moment. The basics of this business change grudgingly and rarely, and the basics make us successful investors. The results of consistency should be organization and simplicity.

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About Pete Andresen

Pete Andresen is a life-time resident of Monterey County, California. His childhood was spent in Salinas, on cattle ranches, living a traditional and rural Salinas Valley lifestyle.pete-andresen-author

In 1975, Pete enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Infantry. He then studied Arabic at the Defense Language Institute as an enlisted Marine. After attending OCS and The Basic School, Pete was commissioned as an Infantry officer in the Marines in 1977. His Cold War service took place in Germany, Okinawa, Korea, and elsewhere. He then served in the active reserves from 1980 through 1991.

Pete graduated university in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics. In 1984, thanks to the benefits of the GI Bill, he completed a Master’s Degree at UC Davis in International Agricultural Development, with a specialty in international finance.

Pete is the father of three children. His personal life encompasses family, running, wilderness, camping, Nordic skiing, the fanatic study of history and competitive rifle and pistol shooting.

In addition to writing and publishing Dollars and Common Sense: A Guide to Investing in the Tumultuous 21st Century, Pete also writes a weekly column for The Salinas Californian newspaper and is currently working on a novel.